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New Cartoon: Mr Pterodactyl!

2011-03-31 14:47:37 by TeamTamago

Well it's 7:47 on a Friday and I've uploaded another cartoon to newgrounds! This time it's a tale about a dinosaur called Mr Pterodactyl trying to get a job and how nothing ever goes as planned. It also has some extra goodies in it, like: 4 outakes/alternate endings and 4 audio commentaries! Including one by a guy that had nothing to do with making it and was probably drunk! That equals value!

Anyways, check it out it's funny!


New Cartoon: Mr Pterodactyl!

Hellos again!
Here's a quick wee something Prime and I made using the original illustrations from the old Sherlock Holmes story's. Ah public domain is awesome:) Pretty much written and acted by Prime and put together by me, it's a silly thing that we hope you'll enjoy ;)

Check it out, it's funny!
The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes

The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes

Space Man Robot! The music video!

2010-07-11 06:23:36 by TeamTamago

Well it's Robot Day, well itwas Robot Day, and I've got a new cartoon done called Space Man Robot! Man, this has been tough to put together.

On Sunday, 2 weeks ago, my brother brought down a couple of his musical friends, Rudge and Harry, and we spend the day just trying to make a song about robots. Them on guitars and vocals and me on keyboard and recording the whole thing. It was fun and chaotic... and drink was involved. Also Prime was there and he done the whispers. The upshot of all this was that we got a song down... and only 14 days to animate the thing.

And so for about the next week, I didn't do anything, except a bit of mastering to our song.

Then for the next 3 days... I didn't do much, except for paint a planet in photoshop and a few panels of storyboard.

Then I realise I was screwed.

Luckily with the aid on tea, then coffee, I then spent every waking moment working on this damn thing! And I did it all on time for Robot Day!! Well, almost...

And now I'm tried... I think I'll go sleep for a bit and if it's windy when I get up I'll go fly a kite. That'll be fun!

Space Man Robot

In no time at all, here's a new King Donut cartoon!

2010-05-22 14:46:54 by TeamTamago

So it's finally here! King Donut Episode 3! It's a seasonal speical so go watch it ;)

See it here:

Also, if you are so inclined, we also have a podcast out called Downtoforit X. You can find it on itunes, RSS and we're offically on the VGEvo network. I must warn yo though, they're epic... STUPIDLY EPIC. Like shrinking ourselfs down to microscopic size so we can have the worlds closest interview with Peter Molyneux, chocolate PS3's and the Morphin' Buddies! If you've seen our juicebox cartoon... well it's a wee bit like that:)

Here's the RSS tx


D2FX: Juicebox...!

2008-11-30 09:31:24 by TeamTamago

Hello again! It's new cartoon time! This time it's an episode of DownToForitX a series that's avalible on my website :P Anyway it's Stupidly Epic and you should check it out!

Also I am working on the next King Donut episode, I just needed to finish this one first!

Ok enjoys the cartoon and I'll be back soon with more cartoons ;)

New Cartoon!

2008-09-24 19:36:49 by TeamTamago

So we're back with a new King Donut Cartoon that's hopefully better than ever! Again it's a co project between me and Primebuster! So check it out!
Also talking about co-authorizing, I was co authored in the second MGS collab, which is cool :) (mine is exactly in the middle).

Well that's all I gots to say at the moment!

Thanks for the support!


2008-07-06 23:49:48 by TeamTamago

First post here and as such I've not go much to say yet. I have contributed to the MGS Collab Disc1 working with PrimeBuster though, which I guess is awesome.
Also I've made a banner for my userpage (look up) and cool 3d picture of ninja-san for my user image (look far left) and a tiny 3d ninja san for reviews (look near left). So just basic starting out stuff then... Maybe I should have done it a year ago with I first resistered ;)