Entry #17

The new King Donut cartoon you've been waiting on is finally here!

2016-11-08 08:12:34 by TeamTamago

Well it's finally here friends! This time King Donut is planning a very special party, unfortunately when it come to guests he makes bad choices... STINKY choices!


Anyway, I've been working on this on and off since the last episode 4 years ago! It's crazy thinking it took me that long (it doesn't feel like it)! But then this is one of the biggest cartoons I've made, all 6 minutes, 1080p, hand painted backgrounds of it (I am so tired). And the music (SOOO tired). Of course it's Prime's voice acting that really brings the characters to life and without him there would be no King Donut at all!

So, please watch and enjoy King Donut episode 6! It's good.

yep, he's lost it



This baked bean is worried


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