New King Donut Cartoon

2011-04-25 16:58:46 by TeamTamago

It's King Donut time again!

Watch it Here

This time king donut tries his hand at cooking but can he handle the challenge? Watch and see!

Well I've been up over 24 hours trying to get this done for Easter Monday and I've only just made it... so sleep time.

Enjoy the cartoon !


New King Donut Cartoon


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2011-04-25 17:17:57

Something wrong with the link, dude... but I managed to use my amazing naked-ninja powers to sneak pass that link and watch the animation anyway, which in my opinion was awesome as always!

Keep 'em coming! :D

TeamTamago responds:

Thanks! + I fixed link :)


2011-04-25 17:21:49

Boo. Hiss. You suck.


2011-04-25 22:40:24

indeed i am the king mhm